Younique Mineral Cosmetics Virtual Party to benefit the American Cancer Society or The Shriners Hospital for Children Each Customer Chooses!


New party with thankful proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society and The Shriners hospital for Children, you choose which with every sale!

5% of ALL SALES will be donated to the customers choice of:
The Shriner’s Hospital for Children (in conjunction with ThirtySomething Magazine and Message of Hope Event ( )


American Cancer Society (in conjunction with Norwex by Ann Cowan)

If you’d like to host or co-host a future party to have proceeds go to your cause, just let me know!!
This means that this party is done 100% online! No need to leave your house – let’s shop and party “virtually!” So feel free to browse the wonderful Younique cosmetics and remember that when you make a purchase it is helping me reach my party goals! Party on!

Natural Based Cosmetics with AMAZING results! Here are a few!



Dermatologists suggest replacing your mascara every 60 days, this Younique product is applied just like mascara! Nows a great time to try a new product, only $29 and a replacement for fake lashes! Hurry the party ends on 11/25!

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