THE ENTREPRENEUR WITHIN YOU – T.E.W by Julie M Holloway + the TEW Crew and a DISCOUNT CODE!!

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Who needs a little inspiration?! OK, NO PROB the TEW Crew and Julie M. Holloway have that TAKEN CARE OF FOR YOU!!!

Check out this awesome and inspirational book!!!
The Entrepreneur Within You Featuring:
Foreward by Dr. Bernada Nicole Baker
The JMH Leap of “Faith”
15 TEW Crew Lessons + Stories
TEW Journal

Press information ok…

The Entrepreneur Within You (TEW) is an inspirational anthology for business owners and entrepreneurs! It is a collection of anecdotes from 18 entrepreneurs who were all at different stages of their journey at the time of publishing. In addition to sharing their own stories of how they came to be business owners, the authors also share a myriad of tools, tips and ideas that will both inspire and instruct readers how to overcome obstacles that every current or aspiring entrepreneur will encounter. The mission of TEW is to inspire a movement amongst the masses to relentlessly pursue their passion and purpose through entrepreneurship. This book is one of the tools that allow us to fulfill that mission. In the pages of TEW, the authors have passed
on their stories and been given a larger platform to share


Here’s the deets (that is southern (or just dork speak ;)) for you:


Julie Holloway who took a leap of faith and dared to DREAM BIG, and when she did…she faced struggle and still overcame to live the amazing life she is thriving in today. The book is how not only she, but 15 others, have persevered and done the same!

What are they doing?

Equipping, Empowering, Inspiring with each and every story!



Most of us (ok some of us) have that itch, that drive, that desire that WE can and WILL do that THING that we want to do! What is it? Maybe it’s coach, teach, train, run a business. Whatever that entrepreneurial thing is that you have; it is that ITCH that says in your head… what you are doing you could make better…, tweak it and reinvent it and BOOM even better, these are stories of making that happen, the good, the bad, the ugly the REAL stories!



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