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You are lucky right now that I am working on getting some food in my chubby bunny belly (more on the chubby bunny a bit later)…because if I was hungrier or if it were earlier in the day this post might NOT be so kind (and warning it still won’t be).


Let me break it down for you.  Our wedding will have about 60 total people  plus DJ, officiant, photogs, day of coordinator and venue manager and we wanted a relatively modest (read – budget friendly) flower budget.  Truth be told if I had more time (like no full time job that I actually enjoy doing during the day) I MIGHT be able to stay focused enough on this ONE day, this ONE run of 12 hours that is getting likely 15K of our hard earned pesos.

 So the theme is Starfish, sandy, Tiffany blue, it’s very Lynne (Jenn is being a great sport).  The invitations were designed by my better half at magnetstreet.com and happened to have the exact color combo that I thought was ours (and would give me a little justification for purchasing (continuing to purchase) Tiffany blue. starfish theme


The venue is awesome and we are pretty laid back people so the inspiration was pretty simple and in an effort to be “dressed up” but not detract from the outside view which are the focus.   So on pinterest (strikes again) (If Jenn never hears pinterest or “the knot website said” again she’ll be happy. ) had something that was understated but classy.  It because the basis of my design:

Pinterest Inspires


I really liked the cylinder with water and uplighting in the center.  I was ok with the flowers being silk and MOH (my other half) said that was tacky so we added two additional cylinders, and we added sand, and we added starfish and we added the floating candle  and then …ok the last is the submersible light.  Well the quote for the flowers came back a little high so I took some of the items out of their scope and said we’d get them ourselves.  Specifically we’re providing: 1. mirrors, 2. sand, 3. starfish, 4. submersible lights, 5. starfish, 6. ribbons for the bouquets, 7. charms for the bouquets, 8. aisle decor and by providing all of these we saved about $750 total.  Was it worth it, ahh yea ok sure (shaking my head no while saying yes).


So to help the florist understand my thinking we had these pictures ready to show them:

centerpiece inspirationto match



So we paid them half the money and anticipated that since we are now about a month out they’d say ok we need these things (and list the items I listed above).  So Jenn stops by the shop while she is in the area and they promise to send me an email with things that they need.  So what do you think that I got?  Drum roll….here is it….

“Just a follow up on the  flowers for your wedding…. I have a bridal bouquet , memory bouquet, and five bridesmaids.
Boutonnere for Jenn, and 2 ringbearers….. are we still doing brothers ? and Gretchen ?
All the centerpieces are good to go …. all you need to do is bring us the mirrors if you want or you can take them to
The Lighthouse, whatever is good for you. The only other thing we need as time gets closer is the lace for Lynne’s bouquet.
Let me know where and when you want the bridal flowers delivered . If you have any other questions please give me a call
at work or on my cell (XXXX) Hope all is going great with your plans.”

I literally could only shake my head…so the names were right HOWEVER where is the rest of the stuff that they need from me?  When did I add lace to my bouquet?  Let me answer that for you, NEVER!  So I am taking a few moments (ok A DAY to) breathe (and write a lessons learned blog post).  I will regroup and send a nice (as nice and I possibly can be) email back tomorrow.







ok taking a deep breath and stopping with the yelling!


Ok coming up in my Adventures of the Type A Bride:

1. DIY Aisle Decor Inspiration

starfish to match past project


Do you think I can make it look similar to that?  You will see soon enough!


2.  Dress fitting (and the madness that was my quest to get this dress, from preownedweddingdresses,com).  This is before any fittings.

the dress

3.  DIY Signage (or outsource maybe) Inspiration

next DIY

OK Need Rest!  Namaste!!


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4 thoughts on “Temporary Blog Re-Name – “Adventures of a Type A Bride” – Episode – Flowers Schmowers

  1. I was one of those people who got married in Vegas and spent next to nothing and bought a house instead. If you are going to have a wedding your tips would be extremely helpful. I understand you can’t really do enough planning.

  2. Planning a wedding can be the most stressful thing you do, but when that day comes nothing else matters. Yes, you might be disappointed if the shade of blue in a napkin is not exactly the same shade you chose. But at the end of the day, the fact is that this is about you and your significant other. When we got married, we had our wedding outside. We tried lighting our unity candle, but it was too breezy to stay lit. Our officiant was so nice in reminding us that lighting the candle wasn’t the important part, it was saying I do. Remember to enjoy the day.

  3. Great tip about writing everything down and keeping it in a binder. There is nothing worse then when someone says they understand you and your wishes when they really don’t understand. That’s why I always double check then check again.

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