“If I Should Die Before My Dog — ” by Joe & Cathy Connolly BOOK REVIEW

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How often in life do people, busy people, people who have full and complete lives take the time to provide a service that will continue to give to those who can’t speak for themselves? I’ll answer that, not very often! What a great tool Cathy and Joe Connolly have created in this book, “If I Should Die Before My Dog –“! This book is as close as it gets to a “drag and drop” tool as a book to protect our fur-babies as one could ask for wrapped up and ready to serve! Want to go paperless, “go green”…ok, purchase the Kindle version (but you’ll have a little bit more difficult time filling it in). What do you need to know, what do you need to know? DON’T FEAR, there are blanks! Each animal that we own needs this book! Just going away for the weekend (or even overnight) and want your sitter to have the information just in case?! This book is it!

Meet Joe and Cathy Connolly:
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We have an amazing and typically very healthy Boxer named Griffin! He was a rescue and as any dog that comes along will try to tell you they have histories! For instance, try to put Griffin in a crate and he turns into a spider monkey and goes into a complete 65 pound panic, we don’t know why, he can’t tell us but he’s shown us and now we don’t have to worry about telling others, it’s all captured in GRIFFIN’S If I Should Die Before My Dog book! He is madly in love with one of his mom’s Jenn and if she isn’t around he’ll be off his food but if you sit with him and eat your dinner in the kitchen, he’ll eat his too, he likes the company!

Meet My Griffer’s (one of the million nick names we have for him):

Our animals give us unconditional full on absolute love and they deserve to have their story told to attempt to lessen the grief that they are undoubtedly feeling if they do unfortunately have to lose us! Grab a copy of this book for yours and your loved ones animals and help the ones that love us so!

What an amazing place this world would be if all adopted dogs had been lucky enough to have this communication tool!

Run, Hurry, Jump on Amazon and grab this book now! Here is the link to the book, “If I Should Die Before My Dog — “ The $11.99 price tag (YES it’s on Amazon Prime) is WELL worth the $11.99 price tag to ensure the dog who has given you ALL of their love and attention and only $4.99 on Kindle!

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BIG THANKS TO: John and Carolyn Mullins and the Channel Island Book Tour for all their hard work and determination to help with this cause!
DISCLOSURE: I received If I Should Die Before My Dog — for free from Channel Island Book Tours however all opinions are my own.
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