Great Campaign! Join the Cause! Changing Lives Beverages LAUNCH

We, at Starfish Chic, are very excited to help support a great cause called Changing Lives Beverages! They are funding their start up through the innovative crowd-funding platform indiegogo. Click here to support them:
Changing lives beverages
Their first two products have been specially selected for popularity and taste: Survival Water and Survival Energy Drink. Staying hydrated is important, whether you’re at the gym, on the trail or juggling tasks day-to-day. Survival Water is a clear source of refreshment that replenishes the fluids and electrolytes your body needs. Survival Energy Drink keeps you motivated to go the extra mile.

With every case of product from Changing Lives Beverages, at least three dollars per case will go towards a nonprofit charity – half to national, half to local projects in your community. For the special events where we place products, a whopping ten dollars per case goes directly to fund the causes!

Their campaign is LIVE NOW and is dependent upon the kindness of all us fellow Starfish out there that believe that doing something for others is vital to keeping us all jiving!!

Check out the Changing Lives website here.
Changing lives beverages

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