Direct Sales – it’s NOT a bad word FOLKS!!

I ventured to expand my comfort zone earlier this year, to push myself to grow and perhaps satiate my entrepreneurial spirit/drive. This really was a “stumble upon” occurrence, first I found two amazing companies that I myself love the products and then in turn decided, I should try to take a run at selling these, run with the business end of things, so I did. As it turns out I really enjoy it! I enjoy the networking portion of it more than I thought that I would! I love the amazing Younique products (3D lashes, natural NOT fake with the yucky glue, YES PLEASE!!) and beFragrant ALL NATURAL ALL USA small home business home fragrance .
I joined the these two companies strategically and specifically because they fulfilled needs in my life that I felt this year. I have made a decision that I’d like to have a more natural household and these companies give me the opportunity to expand my horizons and to learn more about business development (giving me a chance to learn more and more everyday). I knew joining into these two companies I could manage the monthly sales requirements (one of them has NO sales monthly requirement). Many people ask me when I tell them that I am in two direct sales companies as a part time commitment “wow, how do you do that?”, for me it’s easy… I am a “over-worker”, workaholic (call it what you’d like) and am always thinking about the next thing that I should be considering and doing in my life and career.

Here’s what I know.
I know:
I love to encourage others,
I love to empower others to reach for what they are capable of,
I get great fulfillment in helping people create a road map to their goals.
I love helping people acknowledge the difference between goals and dreams (a time frame) and recognizing that the only way to achieve goals is the SAME WAY a mouse eats an ELEPHANT!! ONE BITE AT A TIME!!
I’m a creative problem solver,
I’m a collaborative project planner, my creative juices get flowing when someone says “I want to do this…” I automatically think about what that will accomplish and how to make it even more effective, even better!
I’m a helper, I love to be of service to people!
I love reminding people what they need to remember that they DO have good things and there IS something positive to parse out of most everything.
I’m a follower-upper – that’s NON-technical lingo for I like to follow up and invest in people emotionally and hold them accountable for their own successes!
sf_mouse eat an elephant

As it turns out, I’m pretty built for assisting people succeed, AND it’s rewarding to me!! So my 2014 goals were born from my reflections about my 2013 new experiences…I want to build my network, build my teams and assist others to succeed! I have ENTREPRENEURIAL spirit in my body and I can help people, so now I’m working on building what I’ve begun in 2013. I’m watching the techniques that are “proven” in the industry and implementing them to see what is effective for me and my teams.

As I learn, you’ll learn too…I have already come across the push back from my close friends and family “pyramid scheme” and the truth of the matter is the response to this is BEST handled gently by educating the people to the 21st century definition. Pyramid scheme is a scheme that involves not providing a service or product…and neither of my companies is that, they both involve actual products! Yes they both involve multilevel marketing or sales but I believe in giving a service as a manager and a leader in the team so if I can just get a few moments to explain the difference that problem is resolved. My partner is now asking questions to me about building my business and that makes me SO happy!! It’s a business that rewards me for investing and helping others!!
Next step more research on the Network Marketing mentors that I think fit my style best…there are so many Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, Mark Harbor…the list goes on but no women that I can find just yet…yet I say!! Who do you follow in Network or Attraction marketing?

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