DEDICATED TO MY UNCLE KEN-9/26 National Mesothelioma Awareness Day

In just a few short hours a day will begin like any other day for most of us.  There is, however,  a group of people who will get up on September 26th fighting for their lives against a cancer caused by a material we can eliminate, asbestos.  Mesothelioma affects the smooth lining of the chest, lungs, heart and abdomen (the mesothelial cells)(1).




This cause matters to me because I want cancer KILLED, cancer STINKS!  ALL CANCERS STINK!  This cancer specifically is a pesky thing that I want cured because it is attacking my Uncle Ken.  But HE FIGHTS!!  He is an amazing man, father, husband, grandfather, member of the Episcopal Church and he has already given one lung to this cancer.  Now he is fighting it again with one lung!  He was healthy my “One Lunged Wonder” I affectionately call him for several years much longer than the experts say he “had”.  Now he’s determined to “kick this cancers ass” (his quote not mine).

September 26th is Mesothelioma Awareness Day, help spread the word please!

Despite his chemo and struggle to keep his strength up there is one thing that I know never falters, his faith.  He is an amazing man who deserves another 30 years of life with the love of his life my Aunt Eleanor.  Her “Kenny” struggling is taking it’s toll on her but SHE keeps her faith, my amazing Godmother.  

How did he get this cancer?  Work.  Work for his country (the Navy) and work for this country’s capitalism (the Railroad) he devoted his life to a work ethic that saw him driving many mornings well before the sun to provide for his family and this is the thanks he got.  I am angry, very angry and I want this cancer cured.  He is not angry, he is peaceful, strong, stubborn and amazing.

Life has a way of showing us the way doesn’t it?  Lungs, breathing and the struggle for voice (sometimes my own) is one of my very important lessons right now I know this because of the recurring theme.  I discovered Heather Von St.James, read her story and the tears began to fall, for the first time in my life I saw a word next to Mesothelioma that I had NEVER seen before….SURVIVOR!!!



Heather Von St.James is a Mesothelioma SURVIVOR who is working to spread awareness, as well as share her hope and optimism to inspire those who have been diagnosed. She is a mother who fought hard to make sure her daughter, Lily, didn’t have to grow up without her. She was diagnosed just 3 months after her little girl was born and given 15 months to live. That’s 7,200 hours. Now, Heather has set a goal for her story to get 7,200 social shares.
I am donating my status to Heather all day September 26th in HOPE and in HONOR for Heather and Mesothelioma Awareness Day!  Donate your status too!!
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Thank you to The Duda Homestead for sharing this with me. (3)

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