Bumps to Baby – First Comes Doctor visits


OK, you’ve been warned!

So last week was the “are we cleared for take off??” visit with my GYN…and my million questions (which I did NOT write down …impressive for such a type A’er as I am). I think I got all the information that we need. Her test results should be coming back shortly (within weeks) but she seemed fine with the exam. So I think we are cleared for take off, if only it were that easy!!

I’m still navigating through the “I’m gay I can’t just “get pregnant” folks” statement. I’m really trying to not come off as flip or ignorant when I respond to people. However, I think that I tend to sound that way so, it takes some additional softening for me to express that I need some insight on what the next steps are in my “position”. Case in point, I called to make the appointment to have a pre-pregnancy screening and the receptionist says “so whats the nature of the visit” and I said “pre-pregnancy screening” she says (after a long pause) well usually people come to us after they are pregnant. My response – well I’d love to do that but I’m gay and can’t just “get pregnant” I’m going to need your help for that…her response, ohhhhh pause breathing ok. Jump forward to my visit (different nurse different day) SAME CONVO, can we say MARK THE CHART LADIES!! Mark the chart. I can understand a new office but when I have been coming with my gay-ness to the same OB-GYN for 5+ years you’d think they’d MARK THE CHART – THIS IS A GAY ONE FOLKS…apparently there isn’t a code for that.

So next we determine with testing if my eggs are “on and poppin” and if that is all good then we try to do an IUI insemination, a very EXPENSIVE IUI insemination, we’re talking about $1K each effort. SO we try using a little bit of the $1K several times…right?!? WRONG the doc says here’s what day it should be and BOOM, we schedule and do it. WHICH MAKES ME UBER NERVOUS…why…because I can only imagine the horrors of walking out with baby NOT in the location that it’s supposed to be in, to try to not be too graphic what keeps it where it’s supposed to be??? I can’t believe that I am 36 and asking the “proverbial” questions. Thank goodness for my family of friends because my mother has informed me that two women can’t have a baby…this should be interesting folks.

I’m still doing my BBT in the AMs so that I can monitor when I am ovulating too (nothing like trying multiple approaches)…

SO next step is figuring out if I have “healthy eggs”, getting the blood work back (Wednes/Thurs) and figuring out a donor which has been conveniently narrowed down because some of our “list” are “no longer active” – THAT was an interesting call to Fairfax Cryo Bank today!

What advice do you have for someone who’s navigating (or trying to navigate this path)? Any insight is appreciated!

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