aaaaaanndd I am back. Wow. Life.

Starfish “in Charge” here… back at “it”. I use the ” ” in the nicest way (to myself) as is possible because wow life, it happens. There are going to be some interesting topics that we will begin to explore together now and I hope that someone, anyone, if even, just 1 are helped by the information that I can and will do my very best to convey from my heart. After all, we are ALL fighting battles of SOME sort, right? Kindness matters, that never changes. EVER. Honesty, kindness, forgiveness and resilience these things guiding us does not change there is a softness and a calm that comes even when typing those words. So I will spare you all the gory details (at once) but suffice it to say that my life is not how I envisioned it would be but “it is what it is” and I am enjoying it as I can in each moment. There will be much more soon and sharing (sharing is caring right ;)) of amazing people, products and information to come. Today, I will stay honest, be kind, forgive and remember what does not kill you makes you stronger (Kelly Clarkson said it so it must be true ;)) and do not forget to RUN HAPPY!

big days

Namaste & Starfish OUT!

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