$5 FREE when you join the Jewelscent Email List today!

I’m game, for $5 toward a candle that has a ring in it worth $10…I like that math!  First $5, then $10…that’s a great trend!


I also clicked through and was able to join their Invite & Earn program…an additional level of incentive!  After signing up for the Invite & Earn I earn 10% of all the sales that I direct to their site!  I dig a site that appreciates the leads and who generates them!  and…the even better bonus…10% of the person for AS LONG AS THEY PURCHASE from Jewelscent!  Cool again!  I’m going to do some additional research on these candles materials (you know me always has to ask all the questions to triple check on things).   It would be great if these were all soy, no added junk!  More on the research on that soon.

My take – Definitely get your $5 and maybe even sign up to Invite & Earn! www.jewelscent.com/mlynnecooper what is the harm!?!




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