A Starfish Chic is born!

An act so small to someone means so much to another.

An act so small to someone means so much to another.

The sea has always called to me. Explaining just why it is that the sound of the sea and surf calms my fiery “innerds” could be attributed to my Sagittarius roots but let’s not get too out there with the inception post, I digress. The story of the Starfish speaks so eloquently to how I feel about life these days. I might not be affecting a million people but I can affect one! From there the possibilities are limitless. A few people can then affect a few and those few can, affect a few and by the time you take a breath to count the people affected it might be quite a lot!

I get upset when I see people doing things (littering, being mean to wait staff, disregarding children, animal or elderly people) and just dismissing that those actions “aren’t that important” that it doesn’t affect anyone else. I disagree, it DOES affect us all. What if we look at things from the inverse perspective, that what I do DOES affect others. What do we have to lose? Nothing I say, but a lot to gain.

I’m not suggesting we change everything today but each and every day we can make a commitment to do a little more and in the long run we all benefit. So I pick up a piece of trash that isn’t mine that is in my path of travel to the store I am already going into, what does that do? It cleans up my world, my children’s world and the perception of the next person walking in who doesn’t have to see the trash! What little things can you do today?

This to my place to share my experiences, to gather community and to engage with thinkers (and do-ers) alike. We aren’t always going to agree, and that is a GREAT thing!

A collective of energy and discussion to engage and embrace. We are all more alike than we are different after all!

We can all engage more locally to support one another!

Hang around our Starfish Chic and you’ll see if for yourself as well.


Starfish L

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