aaaaaanndd I am back. Wow. Life.

Starfish “in Charge” here… back at “it”. I use the ” ” in the nicest way (to myself) as is possible because wow life, it happens. There are going to be some interesting topics that we will begin to explore together now and I hope that someone, anyone, if even, just 1 are helped by the information that I can and will do my very best to convey from my heart. After all, we are ALL fighting battles of SOME sort, right? Kindness matters, that never changes. EVER. Honesty, kindness, forgiveness and resilience these things guiding us does not change there is a softness and a calm that comes even when typing those words. So I will spare you all the gory details (at once) but suffice it to say that my life is not how I envisioned it would be but “it is what it is” and I am enjoying it as I can in each moment. There will be much more soon and sharing (sharing is caring right ;)) of amazing people, products and information to come. Today, I will stay honest, be kind, forgive and remember what does not kill you makes you stronger (Kelly Clarkson said it so it must be true ;)) and do not forget to RUN HAPPY!

big days

Namaste & Starfish OUT!

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New Beginnings Maggie Bags Review & Giveaway

Sponsored by
 A few days ago I received a Campus Tote handbag from Maggie Bags to review.  When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see that the handbag looked even better in person than it does on the website. Maggie Bags handbags are made of seatbelts, which makes them more durable than your average purses. Not only are they durable, but they are classically designed as well, so no matter what age, background, or ethnicity you are, they have a handbag that fits your very own personal style.
I chose to review the Maggie Bags Campus Tote in Black, because for me Black is sort of a neutral color that goes with just about any shade. I also love the fact that this tote is very roomy inside. You can grab your makeup bag, sunglasses, cell phone, wallet and even a tablet, and still have plenty of room left over. In addition to this the Campus Tote handbag also comes equipped with a heavy duty zipper which helps to prevent it from being easily damaged through heavy usage. 
The Maggie Bags Campus Tote also has the perfect  compartment size for things like my ID and credit cards so that you can have easy access to them when you need them. This handbag bag is perfect the accessory to carry whether you’re  attending a casual event, or just out shopping with friends.  It’s great for the woman on the go!
Connect with Maggie Bags via Social Media 

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Maggie Bags
has graciously agreed to give one (1) winner a Campus Tote handbag of their very own at the end of this promotion! Yay!!!! Please complete the form below to enter!

Disclaimer: My Sweepstakes City is not responsible for delivery of the prize. The sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment. Please note: Neither Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Google+, or any other Social Media are responsible for this giveaway in any way!

Great Campaign! Join the Cause! Changing Lives Beverages LAUNCH

We, at Starfish Chic, are very excited to help support a great cause called Changing Lives Beverages! They are funding their start up through the innovative crowd-funding platform indiegogo. Click here to support them:
Changing lives beverages
Their first two products have been specially selected for popularity and taste: Survival Water and Survival Energy Drink. Staying hydrated is important, whether you’re at the gym, on the trail or juggling tasks day-to-day. Survival Water is a clear source of refreshment that replenishes the fluids and electrolytes your body needs. Survival Energy Drink keeps you motivated to go the extra mile.

With every case of product from Changing Lives Beverages, at least three dollars per case will go towards a nonprofit charity – half to national, half to local projects in your community. For the special events where we place products, a whopping ten dollars per case goes directly to fund the causes!

Their campaign is LIVE NOW and is dependent upon the kindness of all us fellow Starfish out there that believe that doing something for others is vital to keeping us all jiving!!

Check out the Changing Lives website here.
Changing lives beverages

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Merry Christmas from starfish chic!

Merry Christmas!

Our wish for many bless I hope today is filled with fun filled festivities that remind you of the spirit of the season for you! For us here at starfish chic we’re reminded that as we get older it’s the memories not the “stuff” that we can carry with us! We’re going to have a Mexican fiesta in memory of my Mother in Law (her favorite food) gathering 20 people to enjoy each other’s company!

Younique products are being reviewed by a Model Jasmine Sue…coming soon!

Check out this teaser on an awesome model who’ll be reviewing the amazing Younique 3D lashes…

Coming soon…a GIVEAWAY TOO!! Check this out!!
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Studio Gear is a great line of skin care and cosmetics that I used even before this review! I love their


I tested the Holiday Studio Gear Palette and receive the product to try complete with the handy “how to” on the top flip opening of the package. It retails for $40 but is on sale for $25 and now with a Starfish Chic readers code you get an additional 10% off!!

The Holiday Palette comes with 4 pigments and one blusher to create a shimmery and deep night time look or go lighter and make a fresh “dewy” look! The lid even includes which shades should be used where. The pigments included Platinum, Frost, Coal and Glimmer and includes Snowy Glow as the blusher. I tested the Studio Gear Eye Primer (a Studio Gear product I already owned) and the shades are definitely more intense when using a primer. Check out these photos. If there is an additional intensity consider blotting or stippling the color into place or apply wet directly to skin (no primer).
wet cropped
ABOVE APPLIED WET (primer on the left)

primer and not
ABOVE APPLIED DRY (primer on the left)
But the colors can be very subtle and shimmery just with direct application to the skin.

This is a great quality, inexpensive palette that you can use now and through the holiday season! I can see myself using the palette WAY into next year!

Reader Discount: 10% Off
Reader Discount Code: SGHOLIDAY

Studio Gear Cosmetics
Founded by industry veterans Steve Rohr and John Avolio, Studio Gear Cosmetics is a prestigous cosmetics brand featuring a full collection of professional makeup brushes, revolutionalizing complexion formulas, and a wide selection of color products for the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Since 1996, Studio Gear has been on set at hundreds of professional photo shoots, in the beauty departments of Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Dillard’s, HSN and ULTA, and also in the everyday woman’s makeup bag. This is a line created true to the concept that every woman deserves professional, high quality cosmetics at a reasonable price.

Cosmetics Ingredients – Younique Products – GREAT and SAFE COST EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE!!




Interesting fact: Your skin absorbs at least 60% of the chemicals into your body through the skin!!  THAT is why it matters WHAT you put on your skin!!



Does your make up company provide ingredients?

Look at the containers in your cabinets, and see what they tell you!  Then go to the manufactures website and take a look at the list of ingredients!  STILL can’t find ingredients?   I wonder why?!?!


Does your eyeshadow, concealer or blusher use Talc? How about anything that ends with the word “paraben”? If they do you may want to throw them in the trash where they belong….Here is why:
Parabens are used as a preservative in many cosmetics. According ” Parabens are a group of compounds widely used as anti-microbial preservatives in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products, including underarm deodorants. Parabens are absorbed through intact skin and through the gastrointestinal tract and blood. U.K. researchers found measurable concentrations of six different parabens in 20 human breast tumors. The study highlights the need for more research on the potential link between products containing parabens and increased breast cancer risk. ”
SO are Paraben’s really bad?


Well – you decide for yourself:  Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancers. Researchers have found parabens in breast tumors and believe there is a relationship between parabens and tumors. And in the July 2002 issue of the Archives of Toxicology, Dr. S. Oishi of the Department of Toxicology, Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health reported that exposure of newborn male mammals to butylparaben “adversely affects the secretion of testosterone and the function of the male reproductive system.” If a causal link between a chemical and cancer is not enough to avoid a product that can easily be avoided, I don’t know what is. There are a lot of other reports available all over the internet, but most of them are all related to reproductive health in some way or another.

The jury is still out on how and why parabens might affect development and growth of both babies and adults. But I decided a while ago to get rid of any products that have it and replace them with products that don’t. There is no harm being more careful with this kind of stuff – remember, things that were deemed safe in the past then came back to haunt us all when we were told that they actually caused all sorts of diseases. There ARE safe alternative’s available.

So back to the initial question – what are parabens? They are chemicals we need to work hard to avoid, period. Be sure to shop for paraben-free products and foods whenever possible, and always read the labels on the things you buy.


All Younique Products are Paraben Free!


MAC and Mary Kay (and the list goes on) CONTAIN (many of the products do) PARABENS!!

What about Talc?
Talc is commonly used in loose powders, blushes and eye shadows, in fact some use up to 50% talc because it is a cheap filler. The bad part is not that you are spending good money on cheap filler AND talc has been linked to respiratory damage with long-term use.

All Younique Products are Talc Free! Youngblood, MAC, and Mary Kay CONTAIN (many of them) TALC!

So we’re down to Younique and Bare Minerals!  Both of these:

  • Use Pure Minerals
  • Paraben Free
  • Talc or Starch Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Oil Free


Now price comparison!!…



This comparison uses Eye Shadows:

  • Younique = $2.00 per gram
  • Bare Minerals = $24.56 per gramyounique primer and conceler

    younique colors




You owe it to yourself and all that you care about to spread the word about a SAFER and MORE COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION!!  YOUNIQUE!!

Check out the Collections and Sets to save money when you bundle!


y-postcardY_winter cheat sheetY_stocking 2013Y-3DloveYouniqueY_holiday funY_presenter kit

I didn’t receive compensation for this review but am a registered Presenter for Younique Products.



bF snowman facebF_boogie colelction
beFragrant Introduces Boogieman beGONE!!

Are your little ones afraid of the dark or afraid of the BoogieMans?
“Scent” them away with beFragrant BoogieMan beGone Linen and Room Spray,
BoogieMan beGone Soy Pearlz and BoogieMan beGone Soy Pearlz Warmer!
Spray the MAGIC Spray, melt the magic soy pearlz and “Scent” them away!
BoogieMan beGone is body safe and comes in 4 Kid Friendly FUN scents to
“Scent” the BoogieMans AWAY!

Bubble Dreams – Juicy childhood bubblegum – smells exactly like bazooka!
Fairy Dust – Sweet and tangy cherry!
Magic Clouds – Sweet and fruity cotton candy scent. A blend of fresh strawberry, sugar and sweet vanilla.
Silly Snuggles – Bursting with the bold scent of crisp, fresh Green Apple balanced sweet and sassy sourness that made Jolly Rancher famous.

Fragrances that will take you back to your childhood smells!


Boogieman Warmer $24.99
bF_boogie colelction

Soy Pearlz $8.50

Linen Spray $7.95


4 Fun Kid Friendly Body Safe Scents!

Bubble Dreams – Juicy childhood bubblegum – smells exactly like bazooka!
Fairy Dust – Sweet and tangy cherry!
Magic Clouds – Sweet and fruity cotton candy scent. A blend of fresh strawberry, sugar and sweet vanilla.
Silly Snuggles – Bursting with the bold scent of crisp, fresh Green Apple balanced sweet and sassy sourness that made Jolly Rancher famous.